Paul Beauregard, better known by his stage name DJ Paul, s an American rapper and record producer from Memphis, Tennessee. He is one half of the current Memphis-based rap group Three 6 Mafia. He won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp".DJ Paul founded Scale-A-Ton Entertainment in 2009.

DJ Paul (Paul Beauregard) started out as a DJ, producer, and rapper in the early 90's. He was one-half of the duo The Serial Killaz, in which his older half-brother Lord Infamous  was the other half.  They began by putting out self-recorded tapes and than CD’s in their neighborhood, school, and local shops. "Portrait Of A Serial Killa" was their first tape, released in 1992. Also, while putting out tapes with his brother, DJ Paul also put out numerous solo mixtapes (ex: classics such as "Volume 12 (Pts. 1 and 2)", "Volume 15: For You Niggaz Wit' Anna", and 16: 4 Da Summa of '94").

DJ Paul built his rep as one of the best DJ-producers on the South side of Memphis, and was hearing how another DJ/artist/producer - Juicy J (Jordan Houston) - was garnering buzz on the North side of Memphis. They met up and listened to each other's sound; noticing that they had a lot of similar interests, they decided to merge their sound and crew members to form the super-group The Backyard Posse (later known as Triple Six Mafia). DJ Paul and Juicy J soon began producing dark, eerie tracks driven by bass-heavy beats and haunting sounds, and invited numerous Backyard Posse members to rap over the beats with them. They released the resulting tracks locally as Triple Six Mafia; years later these recordings would resurface as re-releases.

In 1994, Triple Six Mafia released the classic underground album "Smoked Out Loced Out".  Triple Six Mafia received a great response from listeners of this tape. In 1995, the loose collective changed its name to Three 6 Mafia and self-released its debut album, Mystic Stylez. The album became an underground success, and Three 6 Mafia, in turn, signed a distribution deal with Relativity for its Hypnotized Minds imprint. Throughout
the late '90s, Juicy J and DJ Paul produced numerous albums a year for Hypnotize Minds and capitalized on the lucrative distribution deal. By the end of the decade, the two producers were at the helm of an empire, having extended their brand to alarming lengths, culminating with their commercial break through album, When the Smoke Clears, which debuted at number six on Billboard's album chart. He became a great inspiration for people in the rap community.

Together with production partner Juicy J, DJ Paul played an important role in the South's rise to prominence within the once East- and West Coast dominated rap industry. Behind the duo's leadership, Three 6 Mafia rose from an underground phenomenon in Memphis to a nationally recognized rap empire, spinning off numerous solo albums for the collective's many members in the mid- to late '90s. DJ Paul raps as a member of Three 6 Mafia and contributes rhymes to most of the albums he produces for such artists as Project Pat, Gangsta Boo, La Chat, and Tear Da Club Up Thugs, Pimp C, UGK, Young Buck8 Ball & MJG, Cash Money, Ludachris, Lil Jon, Paris Hiltion, andmany more. Moreover, DJ Paul ventured into filmmaking with Choices, a straight-to-video film starring most of the Three 6 Mafia collective. He was also the winner of VH1's Famous Food out of 7 other celebrities in 2011.

Now he has ventured in the world of BBQ with his new BBQ line of products.

Feature films
Choices (2001)
Choices II: The Setup (2005)
The Clean Up Men (2005)
Hustle & Flow (2005) "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp"
is the official song to the movie.
Jackass 2 (2006) "Goin Crazy" is the official song to the movie.
Rocky Balboa (2006) – "It's a Fight" is on the
official soundtrack to the movie.
Jackass 2.5 (2007)

Television series
Jackass (2002)
Wildboyz Deep South (Ep. 307) (2005)
Flavor of Love (2006)
MTV's Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up (2006)
The Simple Life (2006)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2006) –
WWE Friday Night SmackDown (2006) - 
Some Bodies Gonna Get It
Entourage (2006) - in the episode entitled "What about Bob?"
My Super Sweet 16 (2006) Three 6 Mafia was the
musical performance at the party
1 vs. 100 (2006)
Criss Angel Mindfreak (2006) – episode: "Celebrity Séance"
Wrestling Society X (2007) – episode #2
Rob & Big (2006) – Three 6 Mafia rapped at a party on episode
1 of season 1
Wild 'n Out (2007) – Spring Break edition
Mind of Mencia (2007) – Season 3, Episode 2
Adventures in Hollyhood (2007)
Beauty and the Geek (2007) episode 2 DJ Paul and Juicy J are judges
in a rapping contest between the geeks
Numb3rs (2008) Juicy J and DJ Paul perform "Lolli Lolli
(Pop That Body)" on the CBS drama
Punk'd (2006) Juicy J sets up DJ Paul
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2008) Juicy J and
DJ Paul perform "Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)"
The Andy Milonakis Show (2007)
Paris Hilton's My New BFF (season 2) (2009) episode: "
Learn From Your Mistakes"
Three 6 Mafia interviewed Paris Hilton's Potential BFF's
The Mo'Nique Show (2010) Three 6 Mafia performs
"It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp"
Los Twiins (2010) Episode 04

Feature films
Choices (2001)
Choices II: The Setup (2005)
The Clean Up Men (2005)
Hustle & Flow (2005) "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp"
is the official song to the movie.
Jackass 2 (2006) "Goin Crazy" is the official song to the movie.
Rocky Balboa (2006) – "It's a Fight" is on the
official soundtrack to the movie.
Jackass 2.5 (2007)

Choices: The Movie (2001)
Choices II (2005)
Clean Up Men (2005)
Ultimate Video Collection (2006)
Adventures in Hollyhood (2007)

Original television series
Adventures in Hollyhood (2007)
Three 6 Mafia's Adventures in Spring Break (2007)
Famous Food (2011)

Video Games
Saint's Row "Who I Iz"
NFL Street "Who Gives a Fuck Where You From (Radio Edit)"
Fight Night Round 4 "Shove It (Three 6 Mafia Remix)"
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009,
WWE SmackDown vs.
Raw 2010, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 and WWE '12 "Some
Bodies Gonna Get It"

Awards and nominations

2006   "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp"       78th Academy Awards Best Original Song           
2008   Three 6 Mafia                                 AMA Favorite Band/Duo/Group                                                                                 
2009   Three 6 Mafia                                 BET Award for Best Group                                                                                                
2010   "Feel It"                                          2010 International Dance Music

                                                                 Awards Best Hip Hop Dance Track